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Spring Tea Harvest Diaries - Part Three

While the rain continues and the tea farmers and tea pickers wait, here's a little guide to how the famous Wuyi Yan Cha is made.

Spring Tea Harvest Diaries - Part Two

Continuing on our Spring season tea harvest blog, this time we report from Wuyi Shan, home of the renowned Da Hong Pao tea, and guess what.... more rain!

Spring Tea Harvest Diaries - Part One

It's Spring harvest time again for tea farms across the Fujian province, and so we'll be updating this blog in a semi-live fashion giving you a unique insight into the tea farming world.

Tea that makes your kung fu better?

Grown in the southern Fujian town where White Crane and Wing Chun kung fu were born, Buddha's Hand (Fo Shou) tea is a lesser known but amazingly fresh tasting green oolong tea.

Essentials - the three types of Iron Buddha

We talk a lot about the variations in tastes, but not much about what causes them. In this blog, study up on how time of day affects the taste of your Iron Buddha oolong tea.

Tea for each season - what to drink and when!

Should you change your teas with the seasons? According to traditional Chinese medicine, summer and winter teas will have different benefits for your body.

$25,000 for a bag of tea? Seriously?

It seems like every year tea in China breaks already astronomical price barriers - this year, a bag of Long Jing (龙井) green tea fetched over 180,000 RMB for 500g. So is it worth it?

What's the carbon footprint of your tea?

The carbon footprint of your tea - are you ready to find out how good or bad you are?

What were you doing 1 year ago?

It's our 1st birthday! We sold our first bag of tea last year, and thanks to our wonderful customers, it's been a good year. Enter our competition by telling us what you were doing this time last year

Oxidisation vs. fermentation - a beginners guide

How many times have you heard the word 'oxidisation' in relation to tea, and wondered how in the world can tea rust? And isn't beer the thing that ferments? Here's a little intro...