Make your Chinese tea wishlist!

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Whether it's for Christmas, your birthday, or you just really love Chinese tea, now you can make a personalised Chinese tea wishlist on

We've just added a cool new feature that allows you to make a customised Chinese tea wishlist - other people can then view that wishlist, and buy items from it as a gift to you.

Why make a wishlist?

We've all been on the receiving end of bad gifts, and we've all struggled to find the right gift for a friend. How many times have you ended up just buying some flowers, or a random bottle of wine?

Creating a Chinese tea wishlist and telling your friends about it makes sure you get a gift that you actually want, and your friends and family aren't left struggling for last-minute gifts that you don't want!

How it works

It's really easy to create a wishlist - just fill up your basket and go through the checkout process as normal. At the end, just before you'd normally pay, there's a little button "Turn your basket into a wishlist".

You'll get a unique URL, which you can send around to friends and family, or post on Facebook, Twitter or your blog. When people click on the link, they'll see your personal Chinese tea wishlist.

Your friends and family can buy the whole list, or just select items from the list. Once they confirm and pay, we'll send the tea to you!

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