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Silver Needle white tea - what's in a name?

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When translated, names in Chinese always have a fantastic quality to them - colourful, inventive and descriptive too. Our Silver Needle (银针, yin zhen) tea is no exception, with a hidden meaning linked to the deep world of Chinese medicine.

Unlike some names, Silver Needle is an extremely exact translation, with yin zhen (银针) literally meaning "silver needles". Yet the name wasn't chosen at random, but connects the shape and size of the tea leaves with the delicate needles used in Chinese acupunture (针灸, zhen jiu).

In traditional Chinese medicine, silver needles were used not only because they were more hygienic than other metals (easier to clean, less prone to rust) but also because it was believed to have a calming, soothing effect on people.

It's one of the great things about drinking tea and appreciating Chinese culture - it's not limited to just the taste of the tea, but also includes the more holistic elements too. A perfect cup of tea isn't just one that tastes good, but it's also appreciated in the right manner, with good friends and conversation and with pleasing, positive images in mind given by the name of the tea or some classic music.

If you like light tasting and healthy tea, try our Silver Needle white tea from Ning De today!

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