Tai Ping Monkey King green tea available now!

14 Mar 2013 | Comments | By Chris West

We're really proud to add a new tea to our line-up today - it's called Tai Ping Monkey King, and it's possibly the most ridiculously green Green tea we've ever seen.

The tea comes from Huang Shan in Anhui Province, growing in the foothills of the misty peaks of the famous mountain range. The production method is quite unique, involving flattening the leaves between grills before being fired, and the tea plant itself is a special cultivar. The distinctive shi da type gives it its large shape and strong green colour, and also the flavour known in Chinese as chun hou (醇厚), which translates roughly as 'mellow and rich'.

It's one of the most distinctive teas we've seen this year - it's best brewed in a tall glass and you can just keep topping it up with water, as it won't become bitter.

You can buy Tai Ping Monkey King here.

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