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Fine Chinese teas, direct from farms in China - find out more »

Direct from the farm

Our tea tastes better because we're in China permanently and our sourcing policy is clear - we only buy teas direct from the farm.

When you drink tea from us, it is as fresh, delicious and unadulterated as it was the day it was produced, because we only source from farms and farmers that we know and trust. We live in China permanently, speak Chinese and we never use wholesalers, middlemen or trading companies.

Visiting a single tea farm in rural China can sometimes take us several days, driving up treacherous roads, climbing mountains and ultimately, spending long periods of time with tea farmers and growers to understand their product and ideas. It's a huge amount of effort, and we could save time (and lots of money) if we bought through wholesalers.

But we believe you can taste the difference. It's not just about the excellent taste in your cup - it's about knowing that this tea is exactly the way it should be; that you paid a fair price and the farmer earned a fair wage; that your tea is safe and free from pesticides or chemical; and that you've bought from a company who know and invest in quality.