How much tea should I use to brew Chinese tea?

It's one of the biggest questions for newcomers, and it can be confusing, but the good news is that its not really hard to pick out the right amount of tea leaves to brew your Chinese tea with.

The simple rule-of-thumb

If you want something that works pretty well most of the time, just remember this - one 3-fingered pinch of whatever tea you're brewing for each person. That's it. It doesn't matter what tea, generally, a 3-fingered pinch is about the right amount and if you're in a rush, this will serve you well.

The professional way

If you're serious about your tea drinking, you should invest in a set of small electronic scales. They're extremely useful, because it means you can always get the right amount according to the instructions given with that tea and also keep consistency between different brews, different teas or when comparing teas from different companies or farms.

Each tea we sell has detailed instructions provided with it, which tell you the guide amount. Most teas are between 5-10g, based on a 200ml gaiwan brewing pot. Of course, if you're using a bigger or smaller pot, you can adjust the amounts appropriately.

For a stronger brew, make sure you don't brew for longer - in fact, it's better to add more tea and brew for the same amount of time. Stewing a tea tends to make it bitter or tannic, whereas more leaves and a shorter brewing time will serve you better.