How to brew Jasmine Pearls

Jasmine Pearls need a gentle touch to release their sweet, fragrant flavour - use 80 degree water, a big pinch of the leaves, and steep for 1-2 minutes or until the leaves have fully unfurled.

1. Take a good sized, 3 finger pinch of Jasmine Pearls - about 8-10g

2. You'll need about 80-90 degree water - try to use filtered water if possible.

3. Brew Jasmine tea for under 1 minute for best results

4. The pearls of tea will unfurl and release a beautiful fragrance and Jasmine liquor.

5. The eventual liquid should be a light yellow colour, with a tinge of pink.

The key to your perfect brew here is going to be water temperature, and the brewing time. In short, keep the water temperature down to 80-90 degrees and brew the leaves for under 1 minute. Why, I hear you ask?

All green teas are more sensitive to water temperature. Our Jasmine Pearls use young tea shoots, not fully grown leaves, so you need to treat them with care to get the best taste. Our rule of thumb here is to leave the kettle to sit for 1 minute before you pour.

The short brewing time is also critical. Many people avoid Jasmine tea because they've only experienced the stewed version - because the dominant flavour in this tea comes from Jasmine flowers and not from the green tea base, if you overbrew, you'll stew out not just the natural tannins of the tea, but also all of the natural jasmine scent. This makes the brew extremely bitter and unpalatable, even if the tea is high-grade like ours.

Use a big 3-finger pinch (about 8-10g) of tea per person, and ideally brew it in a small teapot so that the leaves don't stew in hot water once you've poured out the first brew. You can rebrew the leaves around 4-5 times as long as you're gentle and follow the instructions above!

For added class, brew and serve in glass teaware - this is a good looking tea, and as it steeps, each pearl will unfold and reveal the soft, tender tea shoot inside.

Last but not least, check out our guide to how Jasmine tea is processed in our blog!