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Iron Buddha Green Oolong Tea 铁观音

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Light, refreshing and sparkling with taste, Iron Buddha (tie guan yin) is the perfect start to your healthy lifestyle.

It's a classic pure and green Chinese Oolong tea, grown in the high mountains of Anxi County in Fujian and has a special xiang suan taste, which refreshes the palate and tingles the tastebuds. It's also great as an appetiser or with snacks.

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  • My eyes are well and truly opened. The Iron Buddha tea you've sent me is something quite different from Chinese teas I've drunk in the past. A whole lot more fragrant and full of flavour. Min River Tea Farm, I salute you.
    Brad Robinson
  • I ordered Iron Buddha through the website, delivery was extremely prompt, and now my life is transformed! The tea is simply delicious, a world apart from any other green tea I have drunk. Until you have tried this you have not really drunk tea!
    James Parsons
  • Thanks for the tea - I've been enjoying the Iron Buddha ever since. It's lovely and I'm so glad I've ditched the pre-bagged stuff I've been drinking.
    Johnny Rayner

The farm

Iron Buddha is grown on the family farm of Su Wei Bo in Gan De (感德), Anxi. The farm consists of 300mu in the high mountains around 1000m above sea, and was passed down to Su by his father, who began the family business over 40 years ago. They produce just one type of tea here - Iron Buddha (tie guan yin - and as Su learns and develops, each harvest is different from the last.

Picking and processing

Iron Buddha is picked in the first week of May, usually at the same time as the Labour Day holidays. The leaves are picked early in the morning, and immediately spread out in bamboo baskets to oxidise for up to 18 hours. Oxidisation is the key to the distinct oolong taste, and the length of oxidisation is what gives our Iron Buddha it's tingling and refreshing xiang suan taste.

Bruising and shaping

After oxidisation, Iron Buddha is shaped and processed in a highly unique way. It's wrapped tightly in cotton cloth until each 'tea ball' is as hard as a brick. Then it is rolled through a set of metal rollers to give the leaves their unique shape, and then opened out and 'bruised' by literally smashing it against the floor!


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