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Terms and Conditions

This page explains the terms and conditions of using our product or ordering from our website. Please read these carefully if you have any questions or problems with our website or tea.

Use of this website

Use of this website (www.minrivertea.com) is permitted for the purpose of viewing our content, ordering our products or contacting us. You may not download, reuse, resell or otherwise copy any element of the site content (text, images, code) without express written permission from the owners of the Min River Tea Farm.

You are welcome to link to this site, provided that your link is not framed in a derogatory, misleading or offensive manner. You may not use any Min River Tea Farm logo or graphical object without our express written consent.

You may not use this website for any fraudulent purposes, or in any way that intentionally disrupts or damages the site code or data. We reserve the right to edit or remove any information you post on this site (eg. reviews, photos) if it is deemed to be offensive, fradulent or otherwise in breach of these conditions.

Returns policy

We offer a "no questions" returns policy. If you're at all disappointed with any tea that you purchase from us, please contact us immediately.

Pricing and availability

We reserve the right to adjust prices stated on this site at any time without notice. Availability of products is not guaranteed - if you order a product that is subsequently found to be unavailable, we will contact you immediately to either cancel the order, or arrange a suitable alternative arrangement (eg. an alternative product, or delayed delivery).

Health and safety

We cannot be held responsible, and take no responsibility for any accidents, losses, damages or personal harm incurred during the use of our products. Preparation of tea, using boiling water, is performed at your own risk. Children should be supervised in the kitchen when handling boiling water.

Photo submissions

We donate £1 to Mind UK for every photo submitted to our site. Photos should feature you drinking tea. We reserve the right to reject any submissions that do not meet this criteria, and to edit or alter the picture for presentation purposes. By submitting a photo, you are agreeing that we can publish this photo on www.minrivertea.com. Submitting a photo does not constitute a legal contract or infer any obligation on us. You retain copyright over the original image.